Art and natural beauty, literature and the life of the spirit – they all are at home in Italy. In many different places, some well-known and much frequented, most however hidden like treasures deserving to be sought out and worked for, Italy reveals itself to be a source of inspiration for those interested in art, literature, and the life of the spirit.

Poets like Dante and Petrarca, painters like Giotto and Piero della Francesca, saints like Benedict of Nursia and Francis of Assisi, philosophers like Thomas of Aquinas and Marsilio Ficino, a scientist like Galileo Galilei and an architect like Andrea Palladio – they all were inspired and nourished by special places and spaces of the country in which they lived.

Poetic Places brings you to towns and castles, ancient pilgrim roads and remote oases of quiet, breathtaking mountain vistas and delicious regional restaurants. Whether your vehicle is artistic, literary, psychological or spiritual – our small-scale and non-touristic journeys will inspire you and enrich your life.