2016 – Discover “Freedom in Jail”

Roberto Assagioli’s “prison diary” Freedom in Jail is an autobiographical account of the month he spent in prison under the fascist regime in 1940. His conclusion is entitled “A Hymn to Inner Freedom” where he writes about every man and woman’s power to inwardly free themselves.

One does not need to be incarcerated to feel imprisoned. Part of the human condition, at different points in our lives, is to find ourselves enslaved by some uncontrollable situation to which we feel bound. Freedom in Jail shows us that no matter what our condition – be it catastrophe, ill health, old age, and even pending death – we always remain free and responsible for choosing how we actively accept the situation and what attitude we take. The mystery is that these circumstances can also lead us to our Higher Self.

From 15-19 September, you too can experience “Freedom in Jail” during a four-day retreat in the heart of the Umbrian Apennines. Together, as a small group, we will spend time living and preparing our meals in rustic conditions. Like Assagioli, you will have a chance to be alone, in silence, without any clocks, watches, or internet connection. We will read and contemplate Assagioli’s Freedom in Jail, and on Sunday morning read a canto of Dante’s Paradiso, a book that Assagioli read while in prison. Exactly 76 years after Assagioli’s release from jail, we too will end our time in “prison” on 19 September.

Afterwards there is an optional extra program that includes a day excursion to Gualdo Tadino and the Eremo di Serra Santa.

Dates: Thursday, 15 September starting at 18:00 to Monday, 19 September after breakfast.

Place: Colbassano, Italy. From Rome, take a direct intercity train to Fossato di Vico (2 hours).

Language: English (without translation)

Cost: €450.00, including:

  • Single room (6 with private bath, 4 with shared bath)
  • Supper on Thursday, 15 September, breakfast on Monday, 19 September, and 3 days full pension (vegetarian)
  • Pick up and delivery to Fossato di Vico train station
  • Copy of Freedom in Jail by Roberto Assagioli

Please note: As a part of the retreat, all participants will be asked to help prepare meals and clean up afterwards as a small group on a rotational basis. All work will be completed in silence

Optional Excursion Monday 19 September

Those wishing to stay an extra night and explore the beautiful area can participate in a visit to the historic center of Gualdo Tadino and a panoramic walk to the Eremo Serra Santa in the nearby Apennines.

Cost: €100.00, including:

  • Extra night stay with breakfast
  • Tour of Gualdo Tadino
  • Walking tour in the Apennines to the medieval Eremo di Serra Santa with lunch
  • Dinner at a local, traditional restaurant

Freedom in Jail Flyer and program