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A Spring of Poetic Inspiration


Only three months before we embark on Journey to Places of the Higher Self. We will quietly spend one afternoon wandering around a truly poetic place (literally and figuratively) – Fonti di Clitunno near the town of Trevi in Umbria. This natural wellspring has cast its spell on poets throughout the ages – from Pliny, to Giosue Carducci (who won the Nobel prize for literature) to Lord Byron. Why not join us? We still have spaces left.

Byron paid eloquent tribute to this enchanting spot with these words:

. . . Clitumnus, in thy sweetest wave
Of the most living crystal that was e’er
The haunt of river nymph to gaze and lave
Her limbs where nothing hid them, thou dost rear
Thy grassy banks . . .

You can read about Fonti di Clitunno and its poetic magic in this this New Yorker article by Paul Hofmann:

“A Fountain of Poetic Inspiration”

For more info about this special journey from September 16 to 23, see  Journey to Places of the Higher Self.