2020 – Journey to Places of the Higher Self

Five-day/Six-night Journey
Through the
Green Heart of Italy
September 21-27, 2020


In our everyday lives we are often too busy, distracted, or caught in the mundane to be open to the places of the Higher Self. Throughout history and across cultures, our ancestors have always created ritual space and time for the transpersonal to enter into the ordinary. Such holy places are often located on mountaintops and deep inside caves, in silent havens and in nature. Churches, temples, and mosques have been built to hold the polar tensions of spirit and matter, inner and outer space and light, as well as the community that shares the transcendent experience. As an expression of beauty, awe, and awakening, art has also always played a great part along this journey to our Higher Self.

Come and join us while we visit medieval churches and mountain hermitages, allow our souls to soar from mystical mountains, discover beautiful villages and, of course, enjoy the cucina locale. During this five-day/six-night journey, you will have a chance to discover places of transcendence in the green heart of Italy – the Umbrian Apennines –home to many generations of seekers and saints of the transpersonal.

The journey is especially meant to be an open voyage of discovery and a direct personal experience of all that presents itself during its various stages. We will go slowly and quietly, allowing you the time and space necessary to directly experience the reality of the Higher Self, the key part of you that connects the personal with the transpersonal and, hence, the personal with the universal.

This journey promises to be a fonte of inspiration for anyone seeking the Higher Self in the natural beauty and surroundings of Italy. We hope to provide you with a journey that might help transform and strengthen you when you ultimately return to your daily life.

The trip is explicitly small-scale and non-touristic. We stay in a medieval monastery and dine in local restaurants. We travel only short distances and avoid hasty visits. The sole focus of the journey is to calmly and peacefully allow for encounters of the Higher Self in majestic forests and sacred places found in a beautiful area of Umbria and the Marche.

This trip is organized and hosted by Catherine Ann Lombard and Kees den Biesen, the guides and facilitators.

For more information and registration, see Journey to Places of the Higher Self 2020.

What people are saying…

Thank you for all the planning, care and attention you put into the “Journey to the Higher Self. ” It was such a rich and varied experience that will take me a long time to process. It was enhanced by the sharing and meeting points of each of us as we journeyed together and on our own.

As I have returned home, and look at all my pictures, I think to myself, I have encountered lots of angels and spirit, but … sometimes it is easy to lose track of this truth and reality….angels are everywhere. As I look at a picture of you, Catherine and Kees, I look at two loving and special angels!

Thank you, more than I can say, to you and to Kees for your extraordinary hospitality – and for getting me onto the train – oh so reluctantly – and pressing fruit into my hand for the journey – and for the days which we shared, which I am still absorbing.  THANK YOU.